Dirty Ernie Show Ep. 2

Should you thaught that hospital isn't the ebst place for jokes and pranks you then most likely right... but only as long as you're not Dirty Ernie! It is not a scret that hot ginger-haired nurses constantly get focus from bot patients and intimate - that the hospital in which Ernie is is nto an exception. However while youthful Buck is trying to acquire something real with all nursie Buck can just have fantasies about her which makes him envious... jelaous enogh to praise them thruogh airshaft afterwards he sees them went into utility space. However, while Ernie is watching hot nurse getting fucked somebody is seeing Ernie - and this also somone is other than Heavy Flo! Looks like Ernie caught himself in lots of trouble for being dumb... Game is made as a set of both jokey and hot animated scenes which allows you to make a decision at key points of the story.

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Extra booty call Ep.3

Are you ready for fresh gig in"Booty calls" series? However, if yo indeed liked each of the games then that superb news are about to turn into poor one s- because this is gont function as the previous gig! Like it or not, but our good old pal Jake is human after all and one afternoon he died this episode will be taking areas through his funeral. And what else to temember guy's greatest success? So Kev thooyght and also this gont be quite long (if not the maximum) of his appearance in the game. But only him you will see a bunch of characters that will want to say few words about Jake. And it appears that his death was quite important - reporters from television are here. And don't forget to unleash all of previous sequences in memory of Jake - you will locate them on our website.

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