I was 13…I think.  My dad used to come home with huge wads of cash (he was a big boss in the Dairy Queen Mafia).  I was a little punk back then and when I’d see money laying around, I’d claim it for myself.  One day I claimed about $600 for myself.  “What to do with this money?” I thought.  “I know!  I’ll buy a Sega Saturn!”  I called up a friend of mine who rode over on his bike and I told him I’d pay him $50 to ride to toys ‘r’ us, buy me the Sega Saturn and bring it back.  I also ordered Panzer Dragoon, Sega Rally, and a Sega Saturn Steering wheel. 

He returned about 3 hours later with all my booty which we happily unpackaged and hooked-up.  My parents asked how I got all this stuff and I just said I found it.  They didn’t believe me of course and were convinced I was selling drugs or something.  Imagine that?!  A 13 year old selling drugs!  Of course, I was selling drugs too but not making quite enough to buy a Sega Saturn with. 

My favorite games were NiGHTS, Guardian Heroes, Panzer Dragoon, Mr. Bones, and please don’t judge me for it… Space Jam.  Don’t ask me why I liked Space Jam.  *dodges tomatos*

Later on, when I was older, I admitted to my dad that I had taken the money.  He made me pay back 7 times what I stole!  I ended up working it off all summer long.  But for Panzer Dragoon…. back then I felt, it was worth it.