Does anyone else out there miss Alone in the Dark 2?  I remember staying up all night playing that game with my cousins.  Back then that game used to scare the pants off us! (good thing uncle Henry wasn’t around…yeesh.)

I may be the only one (and I’d be proud to be) who wishes infogrames would re-release this game.  Either as a remake or a just a simple re-release.  I’d love to play the original again frankly.  And if I could download and play it on my PS3 it’d be amazing because then they might be able to re-tool the controls so they aren’t so awkward (running into walls in 20 second bursts by accident was always the low point of the game…)

Please infogrames!  In the interest of myself and all other original DOS AitD fans give us the original alone in the dark games back!!!