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I’ve got a headache, my body is weak and noodley, and I can’t stomach any solids.  Today was made for gaming.  So far I beat Sewer Shark and Willy Beamish on the Sega CDI ate about a million fruits with yoshi in Super Mario World for the SNES and saved the world twice with TurboGrafix-16’s very own R-Type.

Currently, I’ve got a huge bowl seated happily before me, replete with cap’n crunch squares in all their rooftop-of-your-mouth-cutting goodness and the wife is whipping up a batch of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Buns

Jealous?  You should be.  As I sink my teeth into some cinnominy goodness I’m setting down to play some Kung Fu for the NES.  Drop me a line if ya want folks.  I’ll be in alllllll day ;)


Raise your hand if you currently own a Nintendo power pad.  Now, if I had a nickle for every hand flailing wildly in response to the question I posed, I probably couldn’t buy a pack of gum.  Luckily for me, I have a job that doesn’t include collecting hand raising nickles.

I got the Power Set NES for Christmas which included the Power Pad, Zapper and a game cart with duck hunt, Mario and World Class Track Meet.  My cousins came over that night and we stomped furiously on that pad until the floor gave out and my cousin Petey fell through.  The ambulance ride was fun.

The coolest thing was when we learned that we didn’t really have to “run” on the power pad.  We could just drum on those huge blue and red buttons with our fists to make our guy run faster.  Of course then someone would always yell “cheater!” and it would cause a ruckuss that usually resulted in a black eye and a trip to the corner for someone, but those were the days weren’t they?

I don’t know what ever happened to my Power Pad.  I know I eventually traded in my NES, games and zapper to Funcoland for a Sega Genesis but where that power pad went…it remains a mystery.