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Sony Playstation came to me one fine winter’s day, the snow was falling, the controller calling what more can I say?

The box of lore, was wrapped in paper adorned, with the pics of Santa Claus. The word in sharpy scribbled sharply revealed the giver’s cause.

The word read “Blair” which seemed unfair, for Blair’s my sister’s name.  The box was handed past my grasp and I was filled with shame.

Her eyes were wide, she wondered what’s inside, perhaps a make-up case? 

The paper tore, and excitement roared, as santa twas torn in two.  When the gift revealed, I quick concealed, the fact my anger grew.

The box read “Sony”, I hoped it phony, why would my sister get; a gift I asked for, indeed I was sure, my desire would be met.

The next gift handed, to Blair had landed, again upon her lap.  She tore it asunder, what plunder among her, was she now about to unwrap?

Final Fantasy VII, Blair wasn’t in heaven, what was this odd game about?

I jumped in the air, my family did stare, at my obnoxious behavior.  The Sony box was in hand, I fled to a land where Cloud Strife could be a savior.

I ran out of the house and tripped on a mouse, and the box into air flew.  I looked like a clown, my face was a frown, and it took on a dark red hue.

The Sony Landed in snow, and thankfully so, the white stuff softened the fall.  I sprinted to steal it, and I’ll have to admit, this next fact is sure to appaul.

My sister stepped on my head, and I woke up in bed, she’d traded The Sony for a ”My Little Pony”!