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I find it very sad that Arcades are slowly being phased out in America.  There was a time when going to an Arcade meant you were getting the best graphics and fun factor game producers could offer packaged neatly together in a huge box of happiness.  Back then $5 in quarters lasted longer than my dad’s average trip to the bathroom.  Speaking of my dad, one of my best memories in the Arcade is playing Arkanoid with my dad.  Arkanoid, also known as break out, Araknoid or block break was the game where you slide the little bar across the bottom of the screen trying to keep the balls flying while taking aim on different colored blocks.  Some blocks dropped goodies that would make your bar longer or (gasp!) shorter.  But the best upgrade was the one that turned your little bar into son-of-robocop!  That’s right, you’d get some serious firepower to blast the pasta outta those pesky blocks!  My dad would spin that wheel that controlled the little bar and I’d hammer on the fire button like a maniac when he got the appropriate power up.  Our second favorite was Pac-Man of course.  I didn’t get to participate as much, but it was always fun to watch.

More Arcade memories to come next time folks!