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I am fully convinced that Rockstar paid off IGN, and every other game reviewer that gave this frustrating angry bee’s nest a perfect score. It is not 10 worthy. Not even close.

Yes there is a lot of attention paid to detail. The voice acting is good and yes the story is very um… long. None of that changes the fact that the game’s controls are infuriating and that the majority of the missions are basically repetitive.

I’m on what I am assuming is the last mission right now and just trying to lock onto someone that I’m actually aiming at is like trying shove a glass of water through 400 pound opera singer. It’s frustratingly impossible and smelly. Up to this point I’ve played the same mission at least 3o times. Chase this car, kill this guy, go on a date etc etc etc… This game reminds me of Spider-man 2. It’s a ton of fun to wander the city and the level of detail is impressive but that doesn’t stop the missions from getting boring.

I think I’d have given this game an 8.5. If you ask me Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is a heck of a lot more fun and the story’s 10 times better.


Does anyone else out there miss Alone in the Dark 2?  I remember staying up all night playing that game with my cousins.  Back then that game used to scare the pants off us! (good thing uncle Henry wasn’t around…yeesh.)

I may be the only one (and I’d be proud to be) who wishes infogrames would re-release this game.  Either as a remake or a just a simple re-release.  I’d love to play the original again frankly.  And if I could download and play it on my PS3 it’d be amazing because then they might be able to re-tool the controls so they aren’t so awkward (running into walls in 20 second bursts by accident was always the low point of the game…)

Please infogrames!  In the interest of myself and all other original DOS AitD fans give us the original alone in the dark games back!!!

Okay so I admit, it’s sorta late to be posting about the MGO beta but I have a very good excuse.  It was about 3:00AM with only 3 days left of the beta and I wanted to get as much time in as I could.  I was one of the “weird ones” in that my favorite game mode was CAPTURE BABY!  No, we didn’t capture babies… we captured a duck and a frog…  I guess you’d have to be there…

Anyway, I’d gone without eating anything for about 30 hours as I’d been sitting there playing GTA4 and MGO interchangeably without getting up once except to use the bathroom.  Then at 3:00AM about 30 hours into my game playing binge I checked my stats to find that I was 77 out of over 15000 people in the Capture mode of MGO.  I nearly had a heart attack.  No joke.  I fainted, passed out cold from a dangerous mixture of hunger, exhaustion and excitement.  When I came to, my wife had decided to unplug the PS3 and hide the ether net cable.  Oh… and how she got me from the living room to the bed I have no idea…

Since then I’ve been through MGO rehab, been on the MGO patch and went through the 15 step program to get off of my MGO addiction. I am finally able to talk about MGO without screaming “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!!  That’s not our base!!! Bring the FROG to our BASSSSEEEE!!!” And… with the release of the gold version just a few days away, I think I may be in for a relapse.

Anyway, anyone who played this game will know that while it took a bit to get adjusted the controls, the time spent adjusting was well worth the aggravation. Oh and you’ll also know that effective grappling can only be performed if you equip the CQC skill and level it up as well as the aggravation associated with figuring out the last tidbit of info.

So this post is bordering on pointless rambling so I’ll get to the conclusion.  MGO is amazing.  I love it.  If I could take a week off of work I’d play it for 216 hours straight.  Play it!

As you may have noticed by now, I’m something of a Sega CD fanatic.  I got the Sega Genesis, CD, 32X, & Sega Nomad in one shot when I was 13 years old.  Sega CD amazed me from the very beginning.  I used to play Sewer Shark on Sega CD for hours and hours.  Eventually the disc would start skipping and the game would freeze.  I noticed that the AC adapter was really really hot so I always thought that was the cause of the problem.  I would get a whole bunch of ice cubes in a bag and put it on top of the adapter and point all the fans at it that I could.  Of course my tiny teenage mind hadn’t realized that it was the scratched up CD itself that ended my play time :(

Anyway, there is a purpose to my ranting.  Long long long after I traded my Sega CD in for a Nintendo 64 (as in a 2 years ago) I heard of a little game called Snatcher for the Sega CD.  I heard it was a crazy comic book style game produced by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid game.  Genuinely I picked up a copy (and a factory sealed Genesis and Sega Cd to play it on) and I was totally blown away.  For the first time I just got back into playing it and I gotta say, “WOW!”  this game is tons of fun, well made, well written and pretty darn cool even by today’s standards.  It would be cool to see a game like this on a next Gen system.  I can only imagine what Kojima could come up with.  I personally would LOVE a sequel to Snatcher on the PS3.  Hideo DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!  PLEASE make a sequel to SNATCHER!!!


Ed Norton one of the coolest mud wrastlers this side of Kentucky is portraying Dr. Banner, the Oreo who gets smacked with a double stuffed dose of gamma radiation. Check the trailer and then read on:

Thinking of The Hulk brings me back to the days of The Incredible Hulk for Super Nintendo!

The game had cool graphics, neat comic book style cut scenes & some of the worst music with the highest level of stick-in-your-head goodness.

The new Hulk movie looks sweet I just don’t get why Norton can’t seem to escape playing characters with split personalities.  Fight Club, Identity and now this!  Oh wait, Norton wasn’t in Identity, that was Cusak, but they’re basically the same person anyway.


Yes, it’s true.  I am now the proud owner of an authentic copy of the Final Fantasy VII Versus strategy Guide complete with the original poster STILL ATTACHED!

I’d post a picture of it but the internet gods have not graced me with the knowledge required to do such a thing.

You can imagine what it looks like.  And cry!  Yeah!  Cry!  And poke your belly button with the handle of a wood spoon!  I love doing that.


FAVGame is recruiting!

Like writing?  Like video games?  Want to get a great start for a future video game journalism career?

No?  Oh..nevermind.

Well I’m going to tell you about it anyway!  FAVGame wants your video game reviews.  Love a certain game that you think doesn’t get the credit it deserves?  Want your voice to be heard?  Write game reviews for us and put it on your resume, or your tuna sandwich or whatever floats yer boat.

Just email to submit a review ;)

Happy Gaming,


I’m feeling fine folks!  Thanks for all the heartfelt emails.

BTW I found an awesome website that has tons of Gi Joes for sale!

Need to Buy a vintage Gi Joe toy?

Cheque it out! Gi Joe Locator.

I’ve got a headache, my body is weak and noodley, and I can’t stomach any solids.  Today was made for gaming.  So far I beat Sewer Shark and Willy Beamish on the Sega CDI ate about a million fruits with yoshi in Super Mario World for the SNES and saved the world twice with TurboGrafix-16’s very own R-Type.

Currently, I’ve got a huge bowl seated happily before me, replete with cap’n crunch squares in all their rooftop-of-your-mouth-cutting goodness and the wife is whipping up a batch of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Buns

Jealous?  You should be.  As I sink my teeth into some cinnominy goodness I’m setting down to play some Kung Fu for the NES.  Drop me a line if ya want folks.  I’ll be in alllllll day ;)


I find it very sad that Arcades are slowly being phased out in America.  There was a time when going to an Arcade meant you were getting the best graphics and fun factor game producers could offer packaged neatly together in a huge box of happiness.  Back then $5 in quarters lasted longer than my dad’s average trip to the bathroom.  Speaking of my dad, one of my best memories in the Arcade is playing Arkanoid with my dad.  Arkanoid, also known as break out, Araknoid or block break was the game where you slide the little bar across the bottom of the screen trying to keep the balls flying while taking aim on different colored blocks.  Some blocks dropped goodies that would make your bar longer or (gasp!) shorter.  But the best upgrade was the one that turned your little bar into son-of-robocop!  That’s right, you’d get some serious firepower to blast the pasta outta those pesky blocks!  My dad would spin that wheel that controlled the little bar and I’d hammer on the fire button like a maniac when he got the appropriate power up.  Our second favorite was Pac-Man of course.  I didn’t get to participate as much, but it was always fun to watch.

More Arcade memories to come next time folks!