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Sega Genesis: Marsupilami

I just got done devoting an hour or so of my time to Marsupilami for the Sega Genesis.  Odds are you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Marsupilami is a video game based on Andre Franquin’s comic book of the same name.  The Marsupilami is a some kind of crazy, long-tailed cross between a monkey, a lion and your grandmother’s leopard skin purse. 
I was immediately impressed by the game’s squishy-wishy graphics and animation.  Graphically, it reminds me of Disney’s Classic Aladdin for the Sega Genesis.  However when it comes to game play I had no clue what was going on.  The game’s lack of a button configuration menu didn’t help.  It’s like these guys said “Hey lets make a game about this monkey-lion thing!  And ya know what’ll be really funny?  Lets totally leave out any instruction or sensible explaination as to what the heck’s goin on!”  Sweet Guys!  Great idea!  You successfully left me in the dark and thus…I couldn’t get past the first level.  However, I can tell you that if you hold the C button Marsup-salami will blow up his tale like a balloon or use his tail as a jump rope both of which… do nothing practical to help you figure out what the heck you’re supposed to do!

Graphics: 4 out of 5

Music: 4 out of 5

Controls: 2 out of 5

Fun Factor: As fun as your grandma’s leopard skin purse.

Collectability (1= uncollectable 10= a must have): 5 out of 10 - This game is pretty hard to come by, but it’s lack of fun factor makes it an easy one to skip over.

Likely price: A nickle at your neighbor’s garage sale.  Or about $2 on eBay.

I rate this game 1 out of 5 salami sandwiches. (This number is not an average)