Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does FAVGame sell video games?
A) Whaddya think we're doin here? Tryin to make money or something???
FAVGame finds the best deals on the greatest and rarest video games ever made for last gen systems. We search the internet for these deals and slap em on your computer screen to make it easy for ya.
Q) How soon will my game(s) arrive?
A) After you've won an auction or "buy it now" you will have to contact the seller. Most items ship immediately upon payment and will arrive within 3-10 business days depending on the shipping method. So quit askin us! No just kiddin, we like you're emails. Please don't stop emailing us! Eric gets lonely.
Q) Do I have to be an eBay member to buy books from FAVGame?
A) Yes. In order to bring you the best possible deals, the auctions we've selected are hosted on eBay. In order to bid or "buy it now" you will have to be an eBay member. If you aren't one yet click the banner below to get started

Q) Can I write a Video Game review for your review page?
A) Yes! Email Brian@findavideogame.com to get involved!
Q) Can I sell video games on FAVGame?
A) Sadly, not yet. But... well no, there isn't a but. You can't sell games here but if you sell your games on eBay they will show up here on FAVGame (which should help you get a higher selling price for your game).