Classic and Rare Video Games

You want to buy old video games and we can help! Super Mario 3So you've searched your closet, your basement and attic, the local pawnshop and under your best friend's bed but had no luck finding that game. You know the one. It was the game you played with your 2 cousins that time during the holidays when Grandpa fell asleep on the couch and everyone decorated him like a Christmas tree! Well, start your search for that game by clicking on one of the categories to the left!
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Donkey Kong CountryYou want to start or complete that gaming collection of yours! Relive the oldschool and look no further than
At FAVGame we've taken the work out of finding new and used, rare and vintage video games.

Some of these games are so rare that they go for HUNDREDS of dollars. You can search for the best deals on the most collectible and build a stash your friends will be drooling over. The best thing is, all these games only become more rare by the day. Dogs eat em, moms throw em away and little brothers use em as shovels to dig a hole in the pile of feces in the backyard... maybe that one's a stretch but you get the picture.

Collect em now with FAVGame before they're gone and retain a piece of gaming history!

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Featured Classic Games

Final Fantasy Vii

Final Fantasy VII

When buying this game: Know that the "Black Label" version of Final Fantasy VII is rarer and therefore sells for more. If you aren't a serious collector and you don't want to spend as much, go for the Greatest Hits Final Fantasy VII (or "Green Label" Version). Final Fantasy VII is a 3 disc game so make sure the listing states that all discs are included. Also, be sure to note that the listing says the condition of the discs and that they have been tested and are working well. Happy Playing!

Rare Video Game Systems

Magnavox OdysseyMagnavox Odyssey

The Fairchild Channel F may have been the world's first cart based video game system but the Magnavox Odysseywas the first video game system, predating even the famous "pong".

There's a long list of games available for the Odyssey so start searching and get that collection rolling! Don't worry if you don't see any Odyssey's listed here, it's tough for us to find em so check back often. If there is a Magnavox Odyssey listed BUY IT NOW, there may not be another one for a while.